Oktopus GI-B400


GI-B-400-R-E-B24P-031-2-300x199The OKTOPUS® GI-B400 is suitable for both horizontal and vertical wall installation, and for the installation of ceiling panels as required in industrial construction and refrigeration room construction. Nearly all commercially available sandwich panels weighing up to 400 kg can be installed using the proven round and oval suction cups from Wirth.The OKTOPUS® GI-B400 was designed as a forklift attachment. It has its own power supply which means there are no cumbersome and, at times, even dangerous power cords to deal with during installation. Its lead-acid batteries are high-powered and thus can easily be used for 8 to 10 hours. The integrated hydraulic system ensures optimum handling of the building panels during horizontal wall and ceiling installation.

GI-B-400-R-E-B24P-031-3-300x199The OKTOPUS® GI-B400 is operated by the forklift/telescope lift operator using a remote control panel attached by cable. TheOKTOPUS® GI-B400 can also be equipped with a wireless remote control upon request.