oktopus GL-R300


With the OKTOPUS® GL-R300, you can safely lift and transport large-format glass panels, weighing up to 300 kg. Four single extension arms can be installed and removed easily to adjust the equipment to different dimensions of glass panels. With installed crane arm the load can be rotated 360° and tilted 90° with or without the extension arms. The rotating movement can be locked in 45° intervals.WIRTH_040_08_02_10-300x252

By the removing of the central pivoting joint with crane arm the constructional depth of the OKTOPUS® GL-R300 is minimized to only 140 mm. This low constructional depth makes possible the installation of glass and façade panels which usually have not more than 300 mm of space between the façade and the scaffolding located in front of it. In the patented guide ring, the OKTOPUS® GL-R300 can be rotated 360° with the suctioned-on panel.

WIRTH_001_08_02_10-300x280The OKTOPUS® GL-R300 was designed as a crane attachment. It has its own power supply which means there are no cumbersome and, at times, even dangerous power cords to deal with during installation. In dependence of the operating frequencies which are usual in the glass and metal construction the device with its high-powered lead-gel batteries can easily be used also for several days. The OKTOPUS® GL-R300 is operated by a disturbance insensitive hand slide valve located directly on the device.

The OKTOPUS® GL-R300 fulfils A.S.4991-2004 requirements. Accordingly, it has two independent vacuum circuits, as do all of the OKTOPUS® vacuum lifting systems developed for use on construction sites. Each vacuum circuit is designed to be able to lift twice the nominal load on its own. Technical malfunctions, such as the loss of a vacuum circuit, are signalled by a visual and acoustic alarm. Even the total loss of power is signalled by an alarm horn.