Oktopus KS-B400


Composite panel lifting machine. Suitable for installation of roof panels and horizontal and vertical wall cladding of various profiles. Capacity up to 400 kilos. Can be handled with a crane, forklift or tele-handler depending on the application.

Suitable for horizontal and vertical installation of cladding panels as well as for roofing panels up to a length of approx. 16 m (with installed extensions).

The approved round and oval suction cups of Wirth enable to transport and to assemble almost all customary sandwich panels and trapezoidal sheet metals with the OKTOPUS® KS-B. The construction elements to be processed with must be airtight on the suction areas, have a clean and even surface and may not be covered with a protective film.

The OKTOPUS® KS-B400 fulfils A.S.4991-2004 requirements.