Oktopus Roboglaze

Oktopus Roboglaze


The OKTOPUS® RoboGlaze, is a multi-directional robotic glass installation vacuum lifter. It has a capacity of up to 600kg and can be handled with a forklift or Telehandler.

This Lifter has the unique ability to “side shift” 300mm in either direction which is highly beneficial when used on a forklift or telehandler not equipped with side shift function.

When required the RoboGlaze can be converted into a RoboPanelmaster by simply substituting the glass handling attachment with the panel handling attachment. In this configuration the Lifter can handle vertical or horizontal wall cladding up to 400kg and 14m long.

The OKTOPUS® RoboGlaze fulfils A.S.4991-2004 requirements.