Telehandler HTL4017

Telehandler HTL 4017


Oktopus Australia offers a range of construction machineries from leading manufacturers in the industry. We specialise in telehandlers and telehandler attachments for companies needing high quality lifting equipment.

We are a top choice in different states and territories. Our brand has been known for its quality equipment and reliable hire services.

We offer for hire HTL 4017, atelehandler unit that is highly suitable for various lifting tasks. This telehandler is designed for easy control and stable handling of goods. Check out the features and functions of Telehandler HTL 4017 on this page.

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  • Automatic oscillation locking on rear supports allowing a significant improvement in platform lateral
  • stability when handling good
  • Possible combination of mast / telescopic / arm / excavation and accessories movements
  • Ergonomic and flexible joystick with 4 integrated proportional functions
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • 4-wheel drive and steering
  • Stabilisers
  • Tilt corrector: ±10°
  • Smooth approach movements thanks to inching system
  • ROPS/FOPS cabin with heating and ventilation
Lifting height (m) 17,20
Maximum lift capacity (kg) 4000
Reach at maximum lift height (m) 2,40
Lift capacity at full height (Kg) 2500
Maximum forward reach (m) 12,85
Lift capacity at full reach (kg) 700
Length (m) 6,76
Overall width (m) 2,43
Overall height (m) 2,67
Tilt corrector (°) 10 °
Gradeability (%) 45
Turning radius (outside wheels) (m) 4,50
Tires 18 – 22,5 TMR4
Maximum power 74,9 kW – 101,8 CV
Weight with forks (kg) 12100